A Trip to Ultra-Modern Dubai-land

The ultramodern Dubai city is one of the most luxurious city in the world. The entire trip was so amazing and my mind just blew away with its vibrant nightlife and their amazing architecture. Whenever I fly back and forth from Malaysia to UK, I always have to stopover Dubai but not once have I had the chance to spend time and appreciate the beauty of this city. On my (probably last) flight (for now) from UK to Malaysia, I finally decided to travel Dubai since it was on the way home anyway.



My very first experience to watch the sunset at the highest point in the city; their magnificent architecture – Burj Khalifa. This would be one of those dreams I wished I didn’t have to wake up to.


They say when you’re in Dubai, you have got to ride the Dubai style. I managed to experience dune bashing at what seems like an endless desert and had the chance to hold the national bird of Dubai which symbolizes force and courage.


The Gold, Textile and Spice souk (means market in Arab) are one of the must visit attractions in Dubai. Next to it, a visit to the historic old town felt like I just stepped back in time.

old town.jpg

Crossed Dubai Creek on an abra (boat) for only 1 AED!


On the last day of our journey, I spend the time just having a nice relaxed stroll on Dubai Marina and had buffet lunch at the Observatory and enjoyed the mesmerizing Palm Jumeirah view before having a nice dip in the clear blue Jumeirah beach.

palm jumeirah.jpg


Dubai is definitely one of the city that inspires me to just go for what I feel is right. While this trip may have ended, the feeling that it left me will always take me back to this moment in time – something that I will cherish forever.

So what inspires you when you travel?


Eemay x

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