Things to do in Barcelona

Despite the fact that this is an expired post (for almost two years at that!). I would still like to make this my very first blog post as this trip meant a lot to me. It was July, 2015 and this was a trip to commemorate my graduation from university after four long years of studying and occasional partying.

Barcelona in the summer is very hot and most of the time I was covered in sweat like as if I was coming out fresh from the shower (more like coming out from the oven really). But it was all worth it for the a-maze-ing narrow streets block at El Barri Gotic. Prepare for the (never felt better to) get lost experience.

Narrow street of El Barri Gotic

They say French make the best patisserie (and I do agree) but to my surprise, the Spanish could bake their croissant as good as the French (or so I think). I found this gem; a mouth-watering, one-is-never-enough tiramisu croissant at Patisserie Hofmann. I even came back for it the next day! I have never tasted anything much like it neither could I find anything that tasted the same as it. Guess I will have to fly to Barcelona to satisfy my cravings in the future.

Patisserie Hofmann: Carrer dels Flassaders, 44, 08003 Barcelona, Spain


Delicious tiramisu croissant from Patisserie Hofmann

I was so lucky to have stayed at an Airbnb where Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf was just around the corner so I get to see it at different lights of the day. I swear I could just sit there all day long just people-watching and enjoying the warmth of the sun shining on my face – if only I have the time. Unfortunately I didn’t have that pleasure so I only manage to see it twice a day.


Arc de Triomf in the morning


Arc de Triomf in the evening – perfect for an evening stroll.

Of course, Barcelona trip would be incomplete without visiting the great architecture of Basilica de la Sagrada Familia. I’m lost for words on how to describe this majestic work of art.


Colour and light captured to represent Gaudi’s masterpiece


While in Barcelona – Paella is a must-eat!


To wrap up, here’s a little fast food for you to eat virtually (minus the calories!)


Ee May x

3 thoughts on “Things to do in Barcelona

  1. Staci says:

    Paella… Yum. I had to have some in Madrid even though it’s not the right region. I was disappointed 😉 Guess I’ll just have to visit other parts of Spain!


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